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Install Instructions

  1. Install Module
  2. Add Module to page
  3. Select a role that you want to be notified when a new blog entry is added.

Customizing Email

There is a email.htm file found in /DesktopModules/Spiffy/Blog Notifier/email.htm

This file has several tokens that can be used to organize your content

  • [TITLE] - Displays the title of the blog post
  • [DESCRIPTION] - Displays the Summary description of the blog post if one was entered
  • [ENTRY] - Displays the full entry of the blog post
  • [LINK] - Creates a URL to the blog entry. Bested added instead of a <a> tag (ex. <a href="[LINK]">Go to Blog Entry</a>)

*Note: Email.htm file is portal dependant. If you create Email_0.htm that will be the email sent for Portal 0. If a specific Email_x.htm is not found it will default back to the Email.htm

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